4 Reasons You Should Use Animated Logos for Holiday Season 2020

December 03 2020

The Holiday season is just upon us and brands all over the world are competing with each other to churn out the highest sales for Christmas. Although there are a lot of strategies and tactics that can enable you to attract customers and boost conversions, one element that often gets ignored in the hustle of Christmas preparations is your company’s logo. A suitably designed logo that is congruent with the theme of holiday and Christmas season can be key to boosting brand awareness and create the expectation that you’re all-set for offering something special to your customers this season. Animating effects on your logo can add the cherry on the top of your existing design, helping your brand stand out from the competition.

Here are 4 reasons why you should be animated logos for your business this Christmas.

Get Noticed with Animated Logos

In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hold a potential customer’s attention when a plethora of other brands and companies are offering similar services. This is especially true at the moment as we are just a few weeks away from Christmas and brands are trying their best to get noticed by potential customers. If customers aren’t aware of your business and the deals that you’re offering in the first place, how can you expect to increase your sales for Christmas?

An animated logo helps you stand out from the competition and grasp the attention of the consumer. When you tailor your logo for a particular event like Christmas, it automatically conveys the message that you have special offers in store for your customers, generating higher interest and increasing conversions to get the best out of the sales season.

Tell a Story with your Animated Logo

Not only is an animated logo eye-catching and memorable, it also helps you to tell the tale of your brand in a few short seconds. Animated logos, and the stories they tell, can be used to form emotional bonds with the audience which is extremely useful and convenient.

With the Christmas spirit upon us, you can animate your logo to emulate the holiday feeling. Make some changes which show the customers that you’re aware of what time of year it is. Most consumers tend to lean towards brands and companies that stay with the latest trends and innovations as that shows their commitment and professionalism. These logos are often changed for short periods of time and given a suitable “theme” in accordance with the upcoming event, such as Santa Claus, snowfall, and conifer tree effects for Christmas sales.

Brand Awareness

Using video content is a great way to promote your products as well as your brand while using animated logos in the intros or outros to your video. Similar to how animated logos grab and hold the attention of your audience, animated logos also work wonders for brand awareness, helping you create and promote recognition for your brand. Even if the viewer watches the logo once, it leaves an imprint which is lasting and does not fade from memory as easily as a static logo would.

You can use animated logos to augment your brand awareness especially for Christmas by adding Christmas-appropriate elements to the logo. This not only helps customers learn about your business but also builds anticipation for the holiday season in terms of the exciting sales offers that you’ll be offering to your customers.

Be creative. Be unique.

An animated logo provides the above-mentioned advantages but it also opens a whole new door to creativity and uniqueness. Static logos often end up being quite similar in appearance which does not allow the brand to differentiate itself from its competitors. In contrast, animated logos can add different visual effects, which might be subtle animation for aesthetics or more pronounced animation which tells a brand’s story.

Animated logos also allow for some room to make adjustments according to the occasion. For example, you can add animated effects to create hype among your customers in preparation for any season that you’ve planned special offers for. So, when it’s time for Christmas, you could add some snow, a Christmas tree or even a Santa’s sled around the holidays or make your logo appear spookier for Halloween; and do so with unique style!

Where Can Animated Logos Be Used?

As long as they are not printed out, animated logos can be used almost anywhere. Some commonly usage platforms for animated logos are:

  • Social media: Usually in the form of a gif, animated logos can be attached at the end of a message or video which allows for more engagement from users.
  • Presentations: Animated logos can be used at the start or end of presentations.
  • Company Website: Your company website is the best place for you to show off your logo. Along with being creative, it also leaves a lasting impression on any users who visit your website.
  • Promotions: Animated logos can be used on any sales pages, promotional articles or video messages.

Finishing up

For a majority of brands and businesses, Christmas is the busiest time of the year and the time when they can maximise their profits. While they understand that this is the period when they are likely to make the most sales, it can also serve as the perfect time frame to advertise themselves, creating awareness about their brand and leaving a lasting impact on customers.

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