5 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs Trademarks

February 24 2021

Before launching any start-up, one of the most important things to keep in mind among the billion others is to give it a trademark. By doing so, you protect your start-up from people who might be infringing on your idea. You can trademark anything related to your business, it could be a symbol, a logo, or a slogan. Successful companies such as Uber, Google, and Facebook had trademarked themselves well before launching their business. Having a trademarked start-up could lead your business to a secure and profitable path.

People often forget to trademark their start-up, which can cost them their company and hard-earned money. Here are the five reasons why your start-up needs Trademarks:

Prevents Legal Issues From Arising:

Your trademark will protect your start-up business in the corporate world and is one of the most important things to think about when you start a new business. It is important to trademark your start-up early on and stay safe from. Many people can come up with the same idea, but if you have trademarked the company before them, you can prevent several major legal issues in the future, such as accusations of infringement, deceptive trading, and unjust enrichment. Securing your new business by registering it as a trademark acts as the first line of defense for your start-up.

Helps Your Business To Expand:

By having a trademarked start-up, a company can subtly communicate its value in the market, which gradually opens the doors for your business to grow. Once you have developed a positive reputation for your company, you can expand it from one product to another or from one industry to another. Trademarks will help you get through the expansion without any legal or corporate repercussions hindering your progress. Hence, trademarks are considered to be one of the biggest assets of any start-up.

Provides Brand Recognition:

Trademarks make people aware of your brand and its value. When your start-up is trademarked, it stops people from copying your work. It distinguishes your work from other competitive businesses. Your trademark will appear on your products, websites, logos, and many other items, and will help build a reputation that demonstrates the quality of your company to consumers, and that can be a great thing for your start-up. People will start talking about your services and become familiar with your brand.

Attracts More Employees To Hire:

Trademark will help you hire more employees for your start-up. When a start-up gains attention, it also gains candidates to fill the jobs. Launching a start-up can be very stressful if you don’t have the right staff to run your company. Getting a trademark will give you the chance to appoint candidates you can trust, and vice versa, helping your company grow effectively.

Gain Investor’s Attention

Every start-up needs financial aid to build a successful business; having a trademarked start-up helps to get that support from investors as they begin to recognise you. Without a trademark, it is very difficult to find authentic investors to finance your start-up. It makes investors think that you don’t have enough confidence in the potential of your start-up to go through the process of trademarking it in the first place.

It goes without saying that when registering your start-up for a trademark; you need to choose a trademark that no one has ever used before, while also selecting a unique symbol, emblem, slogan, or design that will immediately draw consumer’s attention and make them want to know more about the values and services of your company.

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