How to Plan a Profitable Black Friday Promotion

November 20 2020

Black Friday is the only biggest and popular shopping sale around the world in which well established companies, small online ventures, and local shops take part to enhance their physical or virtual growth in the market, or to sell seasonal products. It always starts in the last week of November during Christmas for only four days: it is also known as Thanksgiving Day.  Many of the distributors keep discounts up to or more than 50pc.

It is the best sale for the category of Electronics in which many useful things are on discount such as led, laptops, smart phones, smart watches and gaming accessories. People usually go to buy good quality clothes at cheap rates in this sale.

Promoting Marketing on Social Media:

One marketing strategy which is very common between the sellers, that they use to make a company or a shop profile on Face-book and Instagram where they try to pull together customers by uploading several images of the products available on the store.   They can also boost both the post and page by giving some dollars to the service provide so that more people can engage with it. People can also ask questions and collect information by chatting with company’s representative available on the page.

Free Gift with a Purchase:

Many retailers use free shopping vouchers or a free gift to attract customers to buy something. They also display their sale brochures outside their shops, on social media and on their online page to gather customers. They also collaborate with some mega online shopping websites such as Amazon, Wall Mart and eBay, where they send out free vouchers on a shopping of minimum expense of $300 to $500. They give these vouchers in form of good wishes to the customers on the Christmas as it is the religious festival and hold great importance for Christians.

Easy Payments and Delivery

Easy Payments and Delivery:

Nowadays easy payments and delivery are difficult in third world countries especially in Asia. Retailers and online shopping websites should use different payment gateways such as PayPal, Google pay, credit cards, debit cards and QR code pay. They should reduce some delivery cost for international customers and should be easily accessible in every major part of the world or the country. Some international websites doesn’t setup their market in several countries such as Amazon hasn’t setup their official identity in Pakistan, Iran, Israel and etc.

Emailing Customers:

Distributors and sellers should make a different directory for the Gold customers who buy things from them frequently; they should carry out a survey form for those who come frequently and do store their contact and mailing information. One different team should be made for marketing purposes especially in local and small ventures so that they can help to increase the sales. They must send out their legitimate looking email and special discount for those specific customers.

The Final Word:

Retailers and sellers take part in this sale to increase their profit by a large margin, for huge profits companies need to induct people who have good marketing expertise and have potential to work on every type of project.

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