Logo Design Trends to Look Out for in 2021

January 26 2021

2021 demands businesses to rebrand themselves, allowing themselves to get a fresh start after the debacle that was 2020. If you want to take this seriously and want to up your branding game, a logos is a good place to start.

While designing a new logo for 2021, there are specific trends that you should keep in mind. If you wish to learn more about said logo design trends for 2021, then read on.

Basic Shapes

As absurd as it may seem, basic shapes have a lot of potential. With basic shapes, you can communicate quite a bit to your target audience with little to no effort.

According to experts, a well-crafted logo that utilises basic shapes to their fullest potential can deliver intricate messages to their target audience. For this reason, it should not come as a surprise that this logo design trend is gaining traction in 2021.

However, while using basic shapes, they need to be reinvented to seem new and fresh. For instance, you can use 3D geometric shapes or combine multiple shapes to develop an innovative logo design.

Classic Symbols

Classic symbols are making a comeback this year, with many businesses utilising widely known symbols into their logo designs. This includes using modern versions of motifs and iconography from yesteryears and even repurposing religious and mythic emblems to amplify a brand’s message.

Of course, incorporating this trend will come with all sorts of challenges but in the end, it will be worth the effort. To effectively integrate classic symbols in your logo design, find a synonymous symbol for your brand. Then, find out a way to reproduce it. After some trial and error, you will come across a logo that will speak volumes about your brand.

Nature Imagery

Nature is a constant reminder that everything must come full-circle, thus eventually leading to renewal and rebirth. With every new year, this is exactly what is on people’s minds. While a logo cannot recreate the beauty of nature in its entirety, it can imitate it.

Many logo designs will be created using nature imagery in 2021, replicating its attributes in an inspirational way. Many brands have incorporated earthy tones, floral imagery, and leafy motifs in their logos. Surprisingly, the incorporation of nature imagery is no longer restricted to the sustainability, environment, and health sectors.


Emojis have become quite a big deal, with over 3,000 characters that allow for a universal visual vocabulary. Emojis enable individuals to express their emotions concisely and clearly.

This year is all about emojis when it comes to logo designs. If you are still not convinced, consider the fact that emojis have been given credit by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) for their importance and influence in a 2017 exhibition, Inbox: The Original Emoji.

Emojis have evolved with grace, and there is no reason why these light-hearted pictures do not make their way into logo designs.

Using any one of the logo design trends mentioned above, or a combination of one or more, you could develop a logo design that will take your brand to new heights. Just make sure you hire the best logo designer out there to get the best results.

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