Suncorp Bank Logo History

May 14 2021

The Suncorp Bank logo has had three different iterations since the 1980s. Mostly, the changes have been drastic, resulting in logos that are entirely different from their predecessors. However, all logo versions preserved the bank logo’s core elements: the name of the bank and the sun. If you wish to learn more about the evolution of the Suncorp Bank logo, then read on to know more.

History of the Suncorp Bank Logo 


Suncorp and Queensland Industry Development Corporation merged with Metway Bank in 1996. As a result of this merger, the Suncorp Metway group came into being. It was not until 1999 that the Suncorp Metway brand was officially introduced to the world.

Before the merger, the Metway Bank logo featured a hexagon shape formed by green, yellow, and brown bars. Next to the logo, the name of the bank could be found. The first part of the word was brown, while the second part was white with a brown outline. This design choice was carried forward to the Suncorp Bank logo after the merger.


The original Suncorp logo had a red circle, which was quite similar to the hexagon shape from the Metway Bank logo. It had Suncorp written next to it in minimalistic sans font. The lettering was in all caps and black in color. 


A few years later, the Suncorp Bank logo was overhauled. This time, the sun was white and yellow, rising behind a red shape, with the lettering Suncorp Bank taking center stage in the forefront.

2016 and Onwards

After almost more than a decade, the Suncorp Bank logo was overhauled once more. The Suncorp logo lettering was changed to a darker teal, with the word “bank” removed from the equation entirely. This simple change made the overall design cleaner and simpler to grasp. As for the sun, instead of just a part of it, the logo had a full circle, and the red shape was nowhere to be seen.

If you were looking for inspiration regarding bank logos, you have everything you need with the example provided above. Initially, the evolution of the Suncorp Bank logo may not seem like much, but if you look closer, you will see the genius behind the logo.

The Suncorp Bank logos have managed to remain consistent over the years, making it easier for their target audience to recall the logo at a moment’s notice instantly. If not for the name, the very image of the sun will surely make it a breeze for viewers to remember the logo later on, regardless of how much time has passed.

Of course, coming up with a new logo for any business is easier said than done despite having the necessary inspiration. If you cannot come up with a unique and memorable logo, you should consider hiring a professional logo designer. By hiring a professional logo designer, you will save a considerable amount of money and time, but most importantly, you will get a logo that will do wonders for your brand! 

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