The Facebook Logo And The History Behind The Company

December 18 2020

The well-known Facebook is the largest and top social media network in the world. The huge popularity of Facebook stems from cofounder Mark Zuckerberg who strived to make the platform bigger and better from the start. The Facebook brand was remodeled and altered which revolutionized the age of the internet. Despite the huge success and popularity, only a few people know the secret of the Facebook logo and actual history behind the company. There is a vast history of the birth of Facebook and how it became the reality that we see today. With that said, let’s discuss details about the Facebook logo and history behind the company.

The Facebook Logo

Everyone is quite aware of the fact of the importance of logo design for the branding of the business. Facebook went simple and precise for the logo design and created a minimalistic logo design for the website. At the start, Mark Zuckerberg was really confused about all the details of Facebook. As per the logo guidelines, he also wanted the logo that is easily comprehendible and readable to the audience. Mark initially named his social media website as “The Facebook” which instantly caught everyone’s attention. However, he was not satisfied with the name and removed the article from the name.


Mark Zuckerberg hired Mike Buzzard from the Cuban Council to design a logo for his business. According to the designer, there have not been many modifications to today’s logo. He says that the logo used typeface Klavika font. The latest logo went through minor alterations in the existing font. Moreover, the blue and white color scheme has a lot to do with Mark Zuckerberg himself. Mark suffers from a vision condition known as deuteranopia. This means he cannot distinguish between the colours and only identify blue. This is the reason why Mark decided to go with the blue colour for the branding of his business. Facebook always forced on the simplicity of its brand, which contributes a major portion to its huge success and praise.

History Behind The Business

Mark Zuckerberg

There is a really attractive history behind the charge-free social media platform Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, in 2003 developed a website called “FaceMash”. By the time, Mark was in the second year at Harward University. The website FaceMash allowed him to conduct picture polls of his fellow students side-by-side and allowed others to vote on who was more attractive. The news for the website and its functionality quickly spread around the college like wildfire and was taken down by the college. Mark managed to narrowly escape the expulsion from the college.

The FaceMash was just the beginning of Facebook. In 2004, Mark decided to develop another social platform, which he called “The Facebook”. Initially, the platform was limited to Harvard college students only. However, with the much-appreciated success, Facebook was expanded to multiple universities and completely online in 2006. Ever since then the number of users on Facebook grew 2,603 million users as of 2020.

Final Words

Facebook revolutionized the age of the internet and its user. It has become a prime component of the internet and there is nothing without it. The constant upgrades and simplicity of user experience make it the top social networking platform in the world.

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