The Real Reason The Mcdonald’s Logo is Yellow and Red

October 23 2020

We all at some point in our lives thought of the McDonald logo’s golden arches as the french fries dipped in the tasty tomato ketchup. In fact, there is a great appetizing fact behind the McDonald’s logo which reminds us of the tasty and nutritious food. Apparently, many psychological factors play a prominent role in the color scheme of the fast-food logo. As soon as we see the bright logo of McDonald’s, our brain starts to perceive it as the salty and mouthwatering taste of the McDonald’s menu. Let’s discuss the real reason the McDonald’s logo is yellow and red.

History of Mcdonald’s Logo

Before discussing the color scheme, it is important to discuss the history of the McDonald’s logo design. Whenever we think of McDonald’s, the golden arches always come into our minds. Initially, during its opening, the founders Maurice and Richard McDonald’s hired an architect Stanley Clark Meston to alter the building. Stanley used the golden arches on each side of the building that would point up into the sky. As the businesses grew, the building and logo design was upgraded for even better. Later on, when Ray Kroc joined the McDonald’s in 1961, he remodeled the logo with two golden arches that formed an’ for McDonald’s. This marked the massive success of the restaurant, which allowed it to expand globally.

Why Red and Yellow Colour?

Logos serve the chief purpose of succinct for the business. It delivers the communication between the customer and business, thus developing long-lasting brand awareness. No matter how small or large your business is, the logo is crucial for brand communication in the competitive market. However, in the case of McDonald’s, it seems like they executed their brand awareness strategy perfectly. Colors play a prominent role in the logos. According to research, the colors are responsible to trigger the psychological effects on the minds.

On the other side, the red and yellow colors in the McDonald’s logo were used for a very specific reason. The red color reported to stimulate heart rate and desire to munch food. While the yellow color is more bright and visible in the daylight. However, the main purpose of the color is to allow the brain to perceive them as food and make you hungry. The yellow color specifically, is associated with happiness. Whenever you see the mustard yellow arches on the highway, it is already sending you the signals to crave the greasy and healthy menu.

It might sound really surprising but the facts are scientifically true. All savvy restaurants are honing in the power of colors to attract customers to increase their sales. The colors have a psychological effect of making people happy, which is McDonald’s focusing for years.

Final Words

McDonald’s have really been upgrading its color philosophy to push their competition game even further. Many franchises in Europe are now experimenting with the color green in their interior designs after the rise in environment-friendly trend. In short, McDonald’s has achieved huge success in making itself irresistible by using the perfect color scheme.

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