October 17 2020

If it is to talk about a healthy, fresh, and nutritious food restaurant, then the Subway is never an exception. Yes, you have pictured it right, the white, green, and yellow-colored text remind all of us of the limitless and healthy menu. Not just that but the restaurant is famous for its highest number of establishments in the US. Subway has numerous franchises around the globe, which makes it the most significant player among the competitors. Despite the reputation, only a few people know the real details and history of the business behind Subway. With that said, let’s discuss the Subway logo and the real history of the business.


The logo acts as the succinct and maintains a medium for communication between the business and customers. No matter how small or large your business is, logos are crucial for the advertisement and promotion of your business. The same happened with the Subway when it was just getting started. Initially, the logo was white and yellow with a transparent or black background. The logo was made up of the company’s name as Subway with arrows on S and Y that represents the establishment. The font used in the logo was Sans Serif.

Later in 1982, the partners decided to redesign the logo and gave it the 80s feel. They decided to remove the submarine feel and italicized the logo. This time they gave the logo with a green outline and decided to keep the arrows. This design was used until 2001 and was altered again. This time the logo looked more like the fast-food restaurant with the healthy elements. After 16 years, the company decided to change the logo with non-italicized text and without outlines. The combination of green and mustard yellow color still represents the healthy food and historical success of the restaurant.


It all started as the 17-year-old Fred DeLuca and his friend Peter Buck. Both friends noticed a dramatic increase in interest for sandwiches around their town. With this, they thought of opening their own sandwich chain. Fred borrowed $1,000 from his friend Peter, which initiated a business partnership into opening a sandwich shop. They both opened the sandwich shop in Bridgeport Connecticut called Pete’s Super Submarines. The two friends continued expanding the business and founded parent company Doctor’s Associates to oversee the expansion. It was named after both friend’s doctorate education.

As soon as the restaurant was opened, it did not take much time for it to gain attention. The restaurant was an immense success in the Bridgeport shop. After that, in 1968 both friends decided to change the name from Pete’s Super Submarines to Subway. Moreover, they also opened a new and first Subway franchise in Fresno, California in 1978. By the year of 1984, the immense success of the restaurant allowed it to reach an international level and opened a Subway in Bahrain. Both friends were planning to open many other restaurants but were not able to do so. However, they planned to operate the Subway in the franchise system and opened numerous franchises all around the world.


Nevertheless, the customers are really disappointed by the latest logo as it destroys their initial impression. However, it was the company’s decision to keep up with the design trends and update the logo design. Subway is running under a franchise business, and it is important to note that all franchises are never equal. However, the trademark will always stay the same until the next update.

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