What are Vector Logos, and why you need one?

April 11 2021

The logo is considered the most significant element to build an enduring brand identity and convey its values to potential consumers when designing a brand. It is much more than a visual representation as it plays a major role in gaining attention from the world as a strategic instrument. Graved on all possible objects, the logo has a lot on its shoulders, from the portrayal of the company to maintain the consumer’s interest long enough.

It also depends on the main key ingredient of the logo format, i.e. Vector. Vector-based Graphics and Vector Logos have made their mark in the world of commonly used raster-based files.

What exactly is the Vector Logo?

Everywhere from billboards to business cards and posters to newspapers, vector logos are widely used. Vector-based graphics are designed by lines and curves on a mathematical equation to create shapes. Designers may use vector-based programmes such as Adobe Illustrator and Sketch to design a crisp and clear illustration of vector logos from scratch.

A vector file is non-resolution dependent, giving infinite freedom to the brand to print your logo on any small and large object, such as letterheads, billboards, and posters. Vectors logos are ideal for scalability and editing purposes without losing picture quality.  

Why your brand needs a Vector Logo?

When it comes to technology and advancement the vector logo has enormous usability. You must have your logo on all platforms without ruining the reputation of your brand. Let’s see three reasons why you need a vector logo for your brand.

You can scale a vector logo: 

The biggest benefit of having a vector logo is that you can scale your logo on any small or large medium. Vector logos can be zoomed in several times and do not lose their quality. It remains crisp, sharp, clean, and unblurred. It represents your brand in high-quality posters, products, newspapers, and pamphlets. 

  • You can edit or redesign your logo:

If you have a vector format of your logo, you can edit your logo. The illustration colour and font size can be altered. After a few decades, you can even redesign your logo to keep up with the latest trends and fashion. The vector logo has helped to evolve logos through vector files of several globally known brands, including McDonald’s, Jaguar, and Google. Your brand needs a vector logo that helps not only to boost brand identity now but also in the future.  

  • You can change your logo format:

Vector-based files are exported into a variety of formats, including AI, PNG, SVG, PDF, and EPS. This allows consumers to see the logo in any format as most devices support raster-based files. It does not ruin the quality of your logo and is useful if you want to send out various file types for printing and scan of the logo. 

Every brand has a logo today and displays it on every medium possible, including social media websites and the newspaper. Vector logos help to present the identity of the brand without damaging its visual representation. Although colours, designs, and typography are instrumental in attracting consumers to the brands, vector logos unlimited your brand by making an impression on your potential consumers in just a single glance and interest them further to explore your services.

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