What Is a Flat Logo Design?

January 18 2021

If you have been part of the logo design industry, you may be familiar with a flat logo design concept. Currently, flat logo design is in vogue, being featured on everything from letterheads to websites. It is a trend that is here to stay for some time, so why not take advantage of it for your business? If you are still not convinced, let’s take a closer look at flat logo design to understand its true potential better.

What is Flat Logo Design?

Flat logo design is a specific style that is all about two-dimensional images. The idea behind this design, as the name obviously suggests, is to make a logo look flat. Removing three-dimensional realism lies at the core of flat logo design.

Flat logos don’t incorporate elements like shadows, gradients, bevels, and textures of any kind. This style is so popular because it is minimalistic and simple in its overall look.

Since there are no embellishments, flat logo design makes up for it by using bright colours, bold typography, simple shapes, and wording.

Creating an Effective Flat Logo Design

To create an appealing flat logo design, you will need to take a couple of essential factors into consideration, which are as follows:


Since flat logo designs are clean and straightforward, it would be wise to keep the text simple. Flat logo designs look extraordinary as long as the text is kept to a bare minimum.


Although there are no specific rules to follow regarding flat logo design, it would be a good idea to use more colours than what you would find in your typical palettes. Also, make sure the hues are more vibrant than usual.


The shapes for flat logo design tend to be clean and geometric, with the most common shapes being rectangles and circles. You can use shapes with round edges, but they can’t be the same as squared-off edges.


Flat logo design typography is direct and unambiguous. People mostly use sans serif typefaces for flat logo design, and there is no reason you should not utilise it for your logo design.

Flat Logo Design Offers Great Flexibility

So why should you opt for a flat logo design at all? Since your logo design will be a visual figurehead for your brand, you can do much more with it than place it on your website or storefront. You can use your flat logo design everywhere, especially if you want to leave a mark. For this reason, your logo needs to be easily convertible for different mediums. If it cannot be easily converted for various mediums, it will not last for very long. 

Flat logos are minimalistic logos that come across as stunning on different platforms and devices that these are viewed on. You can use flat logo designs for social media, website, or even on the billboards without thinking twice, and they are easily adaptable for any medium without looking chaotic or cluttered.

Flat logo designs are meant to be creative, unique, and eye-catching. They may lack realism, but their crisp visuals, straightforward typography, and bold colours make it a successful logo design style for your brand.

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