What is the Best Colour for a Logo?

April 23 2021

Choosing the right title, typography, and design are not the only important elements that make a catchy logo. Colours are also of significant importance to make your brand stand out from the potential competition. Compared to any other specifics of your logo, colours may seem minor details, but if you want your brand’s immediate recognition and identity, you can do a lot for your brand’s popularity by selecting the right colours for your logo.

Colour Psychology – Colours Affect our Judgment

Colours are linked to our emotions and embedded in our psychological effects, biological conditioning, and cultural imprinting. When we see a yellow colour and instantly feel happiness, or see the red and feel the warmth, we make a subconscious judgment. That is colour psychology.

Best Colours and their Logo Values

Ask yourself these questions before deciding on any colour of your logo; what is my brand? What colour is augmenting the brand’s value? To understand the significance of each colour, let’s see what emotion they represent and whether they are right for your brand logo.

1) Yellow

Yellow is a cheery representation of happiness and positivity. Yellow makes people warm, friendly, and comfortable. It also radiates affordability and embraces youthful energy. It is one of the primary colours and was the first colour humans were able to mix with paint. Yellow is a very diverse colour for cultural aspects. Yellow is your colour if your brand is spontaneous and offers affordable services. 2)

2) Red

Red is one of the primary colours and the universal sign of intensified emotions such as anger, passion, and excitement. It screams and represents vibrant and youthful vibes. One scientifically interesting fact about red is that it is the first colour that babies can see. Red also increases our appetite and this has been used widely to their advantage by many well-known brands including coca-cola and KFC. Red is your logo colour if your brand is loud and modern, but if it is mature and serious? Then better forget about red.

3) Blue

Blue is a colour of trust, maturity, and dependability. It is the third primary colour that inspires a sense of calm and spiritual well-being. If your brand is associated with the corporate world, blue is the perfect colour for your logo as it shows off confidence and professionalism. Blue is one of the most extensively used colours, so if you decide to design your logo in blue, you need to up your game of logo designing.

4) Orange

Orange is a playful and energetic colour often associated with changes such as sunrise/sunset and autumn leaves. It is an invigorating colour that will make your logo catchy, but if your brand is feminine and luxurious, orange is not the right colour.

5) Black

Black is the colour of luxury and modernism capitalized by mystery. If your brand is elegant and powerful, black is your colour for radiating authority.

6) Green

Green is a colour of growth and the environment that brings peace and harmony. Green is almost known as a universal colour as it has so many cultural aspects.

7) Purple

If your brand is related to the high-end fashion or cosmetic industry, purple should be your go-to colour. It also inspires sophistication and femininity.

A great logo speaks for the brand and draws the correct target audience for the brand, while an unsuitable logo does the opposite and that can significantly damage the reputation of your brand. You need the right colour for your logo to build a strong identity for your brand and to stand out in this competitive world.

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